Saturday, November 26, 2016

Honk! Honk!

Ben and I came upon a large flock of pigeons this morning.

For the record, not once did I warn him to be careful.

He was saying, "Honk, honk!"

He really got into this experience.

I could have watched him do this all day.

Maybe the pigeons would have, too.  They kept flying back.

As we worked our way home, I spied an egret.  I carefully aimed my camera, perfectly framing the bird and his reflection, when he decided to grab a snack.

We had a few detours, one being a strip of dried mud.  Ben and I carefully loaded the mud onto his scooter and together we carried the mud to the lake.

Bliss for a child is throwing stuff in water.

By this time Ben was tired, and maybe a little warm.  I took off his jacket.  Then his left shoe.  Then the right.  He decided he didn't need my help and waved me away.

He took off.

After a few tricks, he let me push him back to the car where I had a juice box.

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