Friday, June 23, 2017

Full Circle

Papa Ben took advantage of Will and Jacob being here.

He thought moving Cecil, our black cougar, was a good idea.

Fortunately, everyone agreed.

Then Harrison needed to be moved.

Harrison weighs 300 pounds.

That's why we took advantage of Will and Jacob's muscles.

Everyone is happy.

There was a time when we pulled out the tusks before Jacob arrived.  Now, he knows how to put them back in.

A short break was in order.

Jacob is learning a new routine, since he will be here all summer.  He tried out my trainer and ended up running for 30 minutes.  Watching American Ninja Warrior helped.

Will spent much of the last two days working on new music.  Honestly, it was wonderful listening to him.

We did fall back on something we knew would be a hit.

I took Jacob tramping.  He moves fast.

He loves the dodgeball pit.

This was yesterday.  While he killed his enemies, I worked on pictures for the post about my new book.

Jacob doesn't need much tending anymore.

I asked Jacob if he would help me clean out my freezer, which has a lot of desserts in it from various events.  (I tend to freeze food rather than throw it away.)  Jacob has been appreciative of this assignment.  He's pointing out that this was his third torte last night.  I have whipped cream, but he prefers ice cream on these.  I asked him what he wanted for dinner tonight.  The answer?  Same as last night.  We had a real lunch, in case any mothers are concerned.

Will loaded the car this morning before I took him to campus.  Most of his new stuff was delivered via Walmart, which I felt worked very well, at least on my end.

We found where he needed to be, and then he couldn't get rid of me fast enough, a good sign.

One of the Walmart boxes was accidentally shipped to the store instead of to me.  No problem picking it up.

Will had asked for a lemon loaf last night, but I didn't have enough lemons.  Now I do.

I picked up more boxes on the way home.  Why they got four boxes in the right place and not the fifth is beyond me, but no worries.

I try to keep fun things on hand.  A new cube happened to arrive today amidst all the stuff for Will.  Jacob was frustrated for about 30 minutes, and then he got it.

Late this afternoon I took the boxes and suitcases to Helaman Halls, where Will and some new friends took everything up to his dorm room.  He had a great day and is looking forward to tomorrow.

I came home to find Jacob talking on the phone with his mom.  This appears to be the beginning of the best summer ever!

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