Friday, July 30, 2021

The Best Day

I found company in the kitchen when I got home from my walk.

Kids were ready to help with bagels.

Adele was happy to help.  It's been too long.

These girls are pros.

This was Adele's first time to drop the dough into the boiling water.  Camille coached.

I feel a need to point out the time.

Last night on the train, a man gave Kyle and Steve a math problem.  They worked on it while we made the bagels.

I offered Kyle some chocolatea to help his brain.  He accepted.

Lewis joined us at the table.

After breakfast, 3 kids watched the hummingbirds.

The birds were incredibly active, and in fact they drained that entire container of food long before the day ended.

These kids have some favorite toys.  Magnets are one.  The marble games are popular, too.

Kyle and I found time to play pool.

Camille had never played pool before.  She willingly took instruction from Kyle and actually did pretty well.

Of course the pinball machine is nearby.

Papa showed Adele the fun things in the tank.  Its lights are automatic and it was still early.

This rose anemone disappeared more than a month ago.  She turned up last week in a drain.  She's very faded, but it appears she's slowly moving up the rocks closer to the light.  You are wondering if we can move her.  The answer is no, she has a mind of her own.  We can only try to keep her out of trouble.  

Steve joined us in pool.

After awhile it was time for a cookie break.

When I returned to the basement, Lewis was getting a private tutorial.  He likes playing pool, although he gets the name of the game mixed up with "pond."

Adele helped with lunch.  She wasn't sure she was going to like artichoke dip, but that didn't stop her from making it with me.

While it baked, she and Kyle found an old favorite.  The kids played Crossfire off and on all day long, mostly on.

Then it was time for lunch.  Melanie joined us for French Dip.  Kyle taught me the correct pronunciation of Au Jus.  

Adele was a little concerned when she learned Melanie was coming over.  Adele didn't think she remembered Melanie.  Turns out these girls had a great time together.

Melanie also made time to play pool with Kyle.  I loved hearing them laugh together.  To Melanie's dismay, Kyle is taller than she is.

The magnets.  I have to look to see if someone is playing with them because unlike Crossfire, these are quiet.

We needed to take Melanie back to the New Engineering Building.  Melanie was happy to give the kids a tour, which started the very second we got out of the car.

Melanie wanted to show them everything.

This is a Mars rover.

Melanie knew all about the rockets in the lab because she has helped build some of them.

My camera was having a good time.

Melanie explained how to build the rockets.  The kids were very interested.

Melanie is showing them a rocket she built this past spring.

Then it was time for ice cream.

Some of us had brownie nut fudge.

Adele chose Coconut Joy.

We had a great time.

Melanie told some great stories.

The creamery was out of Marionberry, so Ben had raspberry cheesecake.  He chose wisely.

Back at the ranch, there was more Crossfire.  This is a two-person game, but these kids play together on teams.

We watched some Star Trek.

Kyle and I played more pool, and we have changed the rules a little.  For example, a break is not a break unless four numbered balls hit the sides of the table.

It had been too overcast and cool to swim today, but the evening brightened up.

We fed the koi.

Camille found a solid spot for a handstand.

Lewis flew over the rocks.

I'm not sure if Adele was leading or following, but this was fun to watch.

Kyle and I had a big discussion about which episodes to watch.  We ended up with DS9.

Pizza was originally on the docket for dinner but after French Dip and ice cream, there was little interest in that.  We ended up with cereal, which everyone seemed happy about.

I love these groupies.

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