Saturday, July 31, 2021

Chocolate Shake

Camille was curious about my new cupboards.  I had something that needed to be put away, so up she went.

Then she and I quickly made bagels.

We watched two episodes before breakfast.  Kyle and I are watching the war arc.

My groupies join us as long as the episodes aren't too scary.

A repair two years ago on the front door was sagging.  In preparation for Steve's visit, Ben spent $65 on new screws and tools so they could do a better fix.

Two engineers and Kyle were involved.  I had a lot of confidence, and it paid off.  If the house catches on fire, I'll now be able to open the front door.

Sammie and Bradley showed up after dropping the rest of their family off at the airport.

I asked Sammie if he could identify his nieces.  Ha, no.

Steve talked with Kyle about the shotgun which Sammie was retrieving.  Sammie has learned that the steel used in the 1930s when Ben's father bought the gun is not compatible with modern ammunition.  Sammie wanted the gun anyway and was taking it home.

These kids quickly posed for me before racing downstairs.

Steve cooked Sammie breakfast.

I asked if I could take a picture.  Their responses made me glad that I'm not a young mother of these two yahoos anymore.

In the meantime, Bradley and Kyle played a little pool.

They were laughing and cheering each other on.

Bradley was winning, then Kyle, then they both in turn hit in the cue ball.

The fish in the aquarium are fed at 9:20.  Adele volunteered for this job.

Ben then sat at the table.  These three have been laughing together for a long time.  They were talking about Monty Python so I didn't stay long.

This morning, Jonathan asked Sammie if the person on his shirt was Dewey.  Sammie then claimed complete innocence on how that might have occurred.

As they left, Bradley got shotgun.

Suddenly, the rest of us were off to Cascade Springs.

The day was hot.  I promised the hike was only a mile.  This morning in the heat, it felt much longer.

The water at the springs was very cool.

Our next stop was Granny's.

I am a person who knows what she likes at each restaurant, and that's what I order.  At Granny's, it's a cheeseburger.  It comes with fry sauce.

Lewis ordered a chocolate shake.  He shared, too.

After returning home, we chose to relax and cool down before going to the pool.  Steve found a Beethoven sonata he hadn't played for possibly two decades.  The kids heard someone at the piano and asked me who was playing.  It was pretty cool.  Maybe surreal.

We told the kids that after Kyle and I played two games of pool, we'd go get wet.  Lewis wanted to play, so Kyle set up the balls for him to shoot in.  This was great practice.

Pretty soon, we were at the pool, but I saw the sky and felt bad that we had procrastinated.

I was the only one watching the clouds.

Steve taught the kids how to jump off his shoulders.

Adele took a turn.  This is harder than it looks.

Steve threw Lewis in the air.

Camille got a few turns before it became clear we had to go home.

I am in favor of the plan for the rest of the evening.

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