Thursday, December 31, 2015

Again! Again!

The morning started quietly, with the kids hunting for things to do.
Nathan found our battery-operated Darth Vader in the basement.  He about died when Darth raised his light saber.
Jacob successfully solved some wooden puzzles.
This was a lot of fun.
Will is working on Moonlight Sonata, and making fine progress.
About 10 am, Dave and I got our act together and took the kids to Rock Canyon Park.
This hill is steeper than the ones in our neighborhood, but Julia loved it.
She said, "Again! Again!" over and over.
Notice she's on the back of Nate's sled.
She took every opportunity to go down the hill.
No one resisted.
Notice her pink headband over her eyes.  Clever girl -- this prevents snow spray.
She found a clever way back up, too.
This was hilarious to watch.
Everyone got into her groove.
Sometimes she took the front seat.
But most of the time she let others take the spray.
And back up again.
Yes, she is the adorable little sister.
And Nate is the cute little brother.
Everyone was happy to take him down the hill.
It was a beautiful  morning, but heading for single digits.
The family that sleds together crashes together.
But not very often.
Will caught a little air.

Things didn't always go as planned.

I have taught these kids all the tricks about dressing warm.
No one complained this morning.
Matt liked the steep hill.
I encouraged him to sled head first.
I saw many races this morning.
Did I mention we had fun?
I am not standing above them, by the way.  They were being creative.

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