Monday, November 25, 2019

I Can Feel This Taco More Than I Can Taste It

Jonathan and his family met us at the Waco Zoo today.

We are making a serious effort to show Steve and Kyle the best this area has to offer.

I've had a great time with these kids!

Today was a lovely, wonderful day.

These two girls love to be together.  Notice the strand of hair on Jane's face.

Jill keeps an eye out for those kinds of details.

I'm not sure why Steve was using Ben's head as an object for making the gong make noise, but this was pretty funny.

It was pretty funny when Jacob ran his head into the gong.

Steve is excellent at charming nieces and nephews.

It's always fun when Sammie's family joins us.

Part of the plan for today is Bradley would return to Dallas with us.

I love watching my sons spend time with their dad.

My favorite look Carolyn has is the one just before she laughs.

Steve held the group's attention by telling a terrible joke.

Dave loved it.
My favorite part of the day is that we were with all five of our children.

This is a picture of everyone whose name begins with J.

Everyone in this picture has Ben in his name.
This a picture of everyone in our family who in some way was named after Ben.

We spent the day with thirteen of our grandchildren.

This doesn't happen very often.

Richie saw the elephant.  He said, "Elephant!"  When the elephant began moving, Richie said, "Elephant.  Walking."  We were all very impressed.

Black vultures are mesmerizing.
Richie and Corinne became close friends today.

We did not become close friends with this guy.

I'm not sure why Richie kept crossing my path, but he did, and I kept taking pictures of the people keeping track of him.

Several snakes were in this exhibit.  The gecko was included because of his tail.

The otter slide is one of my personal favorite things.

You might be wondering if I slid down today.

The answer is yes, absolutely!

But the picture of me was sorta like this, and I'm in control of this blog.

Headfirst is apparently the way to go.

This picture doesn't indicate that Jacob came down at 1/2 foot per second.

The best way is to slide down with someone you love.

I love seeing the grandkids playing together, but I also love to watch my own kids getting along, having fun. chatting up a storm.

This is apparently a characteristic of mammals.

Lunch was at Torchy's.  Queso is mandatory.

I chose a fried catfish taco.  I chose wisely.

When Joseph plays Up Down, participation is not optional.

This kid.  Oh man.  Who would not want to play with him?

Jacob's taco was delicious, but it was so hot he told me that he could feel it more than he could taste it.  Yes, I got that.

Eventually, four cars returned to Dallas.  When I walked into Jeff's house, this is what I saw.  Dave on the guitar, Ella on vocals -- this was fantastic!

Carolyn borrowed my camera to capture some of the kids playing together, even though at this point it was quite late.

But it wasn't too late to lose a tooth!

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