Thursday, December 26, 2019

Almost Victory

Carolyn built a fort for Julia this morning.  Julia occupied it for quite some time.

Lots happens in this house.  And outside, too.

We all still love the fish tank.  Julia's turtle made his first appearance.

With several books being received as gifts yesterday, quite a bit of reading happened today.

Jacob taught Nate how to cut fudge into bite-size pieces.  At least we think it's fudge.  It's dark and delicious, but no one is actually sure.  We are eating it anyway.

I played more pool today than I have in my entire life.  Jacob is an excellent teacher.

Four of the five people in this picture spent the afternoon skiing.  Carolyn was the person who made sure everyone had gloves and caps.

Painting happened while they were gone.

Carolyn has been on several field trips recently and has noticed that snakes have interesting patterns.  She used that theme to practice technique.

While anxiously awaiting the skiers to return, Jacob, Melanie, Carolyn and I played on teams.

Mine and Melanie's team won one game.  I am getting good enough that I don't scratch very often.  Melanie suggested that if we counted our "almost" hits, we could win.

Carolyn wasn't buying it.  For the record, she doesn't ever scratch.  And she can hit bank shots.

In the meantime, the skiers had a fantastic day!  I mentioned to Julia that I had never skied.  She volunteered that she saw many old people like me on the slopes.

And we had a fantastic meal ready when they returned, chicken pot pie with biscuits on top.  I happened to remember that this is one of Nate's favorite, but we all enjoyed it.

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