Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Bye-Bye Barbie

We've been playing a little hard this week.  I slept in until 6, but everyone else slept in later so I decided to eat without them.

Of course, Ben came up the stairs at the exact moment the toaster pinged.  He got a banana.

Ben and I are having a lot of fun with the Crossfire game.  You might notice that he has all the balls.  I could still win if Ben didn't reach out his little hand and push his piece back onto the board.  I asked him about it and he said, "It's one of my moves."  Ya.  I have a different word, but it's all good.

I have mentioned sorting and storing.  This box was on its way to the recycle bin when Ben stopped it.  It suddenly became a transporter.

We tried a new restaurant for lunch.  I loved it.  Ben and Corinne were only so-so.

The plan was for the four of us to go to a museum after lunch.  Ben did not want to go, so I said I'd take him home and Papa and Corinne left in his car.  Except Ben decided he wanted to ride in the far back.  There wasn't a car seat back there and I asked him what we should do.  He said I could pull up the jumpseat and move the car seat back.  Whatever works.  And that worked.

We got home only minutes before Mike the fish guy showed up.  (Mike has a code, so this didn't really matter.) He brought some new things for the tank. This coral is quite colorful, but my camera is affected by the LED lights, is my latest guess as to what my problems are.

The rose anemone is actually bright red.  Why my camera can show the clown fish accurately and not the anemone is beyond me.  The clown fish rarely leaves the anemone.  Mike told me the other fish would attack him if he did.  When the rose anemone is feeling good, he's as big as a dinner plate.  Usually he's the size of a child's fist.

Evidence of the times in which we live, Ben found this kazu as I was sorting toys.  He asked me if other kids had used it.  I said, "Of course."  He politely asked me if I would wash it.  Ok.

As I was sorting through a jar that, among other things, holds the lost and then found silver balls for Crossfire, I came across this zipper tab.  I considered tossing it, but then I decided I wouldn't have saved it in the first place if it didn't belong to something important.

About fifteen minutes later while Ben and I were sorting through baby toys to go to DI, I gathered up all the pieces for the favorite veterinarian kit Ben loves so much.  The zipper tab was missing.  I was so pleased to be able to fix this!

Giving up long-held possessions can be incredibly difficult when emotions are involved.  I bought these Barbies for Corinne decades ago.  Fortunately, she's here.  We had a moment together, and then we let them go.  Well, they got as far as the garage.  The DI trip isn't until next week.  Will I change my mind?

Mike dropped about two dozen snails into the tank.  Papa calls me over whenever he finds one.

The sun came out for a little while.  Ben took advantage of this short-lived moment.

The new coral is relaxing.  What I mean by that is that the coral is starting to relax.  I took this picture with my phone hoping the color would be better.  Not much.

I didn't think I would like this particular coral, which was one of the first things in the tank, but I was wrong.  At night he pulls in all the green and the whole thing becomes purple.  In the morning, the green leaks out and waves in the water.

Ben used markers to decorate his transporter.

He needed a seatbelt and asked if I had any ideas.  I remembered seeing a suitcase strap in my velcro box.

Ben spent the next ninety minutes buckled into the transporter, sitting on the couch chatting with Papa about the fish and shrimp and snails in the tank.

Lots to discuss.
Still in the transporter, Ben listened while Papa read about dinosaurs.  And, good-night.

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