Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Inari Zushi

I loved seeing Jeff at my breakfast table this morning.

Matt joined us for breakfast, although he did not have a freshly-made bagel.

Melanie is making the most of visiting relatives.

Lewis and I got an early start on puzzles.  The conversation around us turned to puzzle boxes. I thought I had some.

While my puzzles weren't technically puzzle boxes, they did occupy people for a long time, and I lost my puzzle partner.

Before taking Melanie to campus, I invited everyone to visit the Paleontology Museum.  Two accepted.  We had a great time!  Lewis and Camille tried to lift a bone with no success.

I thought we had the museum to ourselves until Camille was captured!

Lewis fought back.

We talked about my favorite dinosaur, the Pteranodon.  

Camille taught me that herbivore dinosaurs had flat teeth.

Carnivore dinosaurs could tear their food with their teeth.

We stopped at my favorite grocery store to get milk and a few other items.  These two did all the work.

Matt met me at the door.  He and Kyle had enjoyed cataloging Magic cards his mother's brother had given him.  The cards in his hands were worth five digits.  I was nonplussed and asked if anyone would really pay that much money for Magic cards.  Off to the side, Steve admitted that there were many.  The uncle has asked for a percentage.

I enabled painting today.

Camille has enjoyed working with my watercolor pencils.  I love this tiny teapot, and I love her painting of it.

Adele tried her hand with the watercolor pencils.

The beauty of her artwork truly impressed me.

Emergency meatballs came together pretty quickly, which is the whole idea behind this meal.  Kyle passed through the kitchen and saw me making inari zushi,  He stopped and told me that he remembered that he liked them a lot!

Steve's family was gone all afternoon.  They returned with Cafe Rio.

Then it was time for the pool!

Notice Adele can jump without holding her nose.  I'm very proud of her.  This was a hard thing to learn.

Kyle is strong enough to jump high from his dad's shoulders, but I'm not sure Steve is strong enough to do this more than a few times.  It was pretty funny.

Camille is very graceful when she flies through the air.

Before leaving the pool, Steve fed the koi for Ben.  It was a beautiful night.

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