Sunday, November 22, 2015

Together Again

We had a quiet morning, except for the part where Baby Ben ate a flower.
Lunch was after church.  We had a lesson on etiquette.
The day was too beautiful to spend inside.  A little water made things more exciting.
Luke is always willing to help Ben get wet.
Kate didn't supervise, because she wanted to remain dry.
Rock stew is not dry.
By the way, meet President Markham.  We have a new branch in our stake.  Loads of fun.
Jane stayed inside with Papa Ben, where the dry was.
At some point, most of us made our way to the park.  Baby Ben tried out the scooter.
Luke is a pro.
A visit to a new bridge was essential.
We love bridges, new or old.
Can you tell that Baby Ben is on a scooter?
He tried out all the scooters.  The kids were willing to share and take turns.
This was a lot of fun.
Corinne wasn't with us, but when she sees these pictures, she'll wish she had been
Jeff said it was a perfect evening.
No one disagreed.
And then, it got better!
Cousins came to see us!
Baby Ben was happy to see Sirius again.
Matt drove part of the way, and then fell asleep on the floor before dinner.
I don't even quibble with Ella about this.  Not a bit.
I am looking forward to a wonderful week with Melanie.
And these two are looking forward to a wonderful week together, too.
We took a short break to watch a robotic hand demonstration.
And a longer break for watching pixels.
And just before bedtime, Baby Ben showed Uncle Dave his new fish.

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