Whirled Peas

Lewis fed the fish and counted the snails for the last time this morning.
While emptying the dishwasher, I smiled when I put away two new mugs.  Both were gifts, one to me, and one from me.
Adele and Will walked to church with me after breakfast.  I asked them to set out the hymnals, but Will was immediately nabbed to help with the sacrament.  Adele, bless her heart, cheerfully placed hymnals for over 100 people, all by herself.

We had French Dip for lunch today.  Jacob and Melanie made the sandwiches.

This was a delicious meal.

Carolyn put Grandma Katharine's Apple Danish in the oven.

We had a wonderful week with Steve's family, but at this point they were packed and ready to go. I love watching the cousins interact comfortably with their aunts and uncles.

Before they departed, Dave reminded me that I needed to take a picture of Lewis "in jail," which is what we call his favorite spot.  The acoustics in the stairwell are excellent, and Lewis sings the theme song to Bob the Builder at the top of his lungs.  But not when I'm holding a camera.

While some of our group made the trip to the airport, Nate worked on his pinball skills.

This is not as easy as it sounds.

Since beds had suddenly become available, we played a version of musical chairs, so to speak.  While helping me change sheets, Julia found something wonderful to try on.

Nate helped deflate some air beds.  This is actually a fun job, or at least it was until Mom showed Nate where the automatic deflate button is.

Turns out Jacob knew all along about that button.  He was using the extra time to work on his own pinball skills.

When the airport crew returned, we enjoyed the Danish.  Spectacular is the word that is coming to mind.

Will made a joke about Papa's humor, along the lines that he was surprised at how funny he was.  I think it was compliment.  We may never know his true intent.

With our New Year's Eve festivities beginning, part of our group watched one of Papa's favorite movies.

Nate and I watched several Star Trek episodes together.  He is so much fun, and I got to put my feet up.  Well, that was my intent.

Both groups took frequent breaks all evening.  Julia and I had the opportunity to play our favorite game.  We beat the sun, which was better than we did yesterday.

Dave put together a light meal of summer sausage, cheese and crackers.  If you think it looks like we were having a lot of fun together, you would be correct.

We watched midnight pass in Greenland, and then Newfoundland.  When New York celebrated, we did, too.  

We talked about New Year's resolutions.

This was not a serious conversation.

Nate focused on his ice cream.  He's that kind of guy.

Melanie taught Julia what a resolution is.

Matt decided he was going to replace the peace sign with three fingers.

As in World Threes.