Tuesday, July 3, 2018


We got up at 5:30 this morning.

Provo's balloon festivals are some of my favorite events.

Everyone attends.

Ben was a little nervous at first, but he soon wanted a better view.

The flames make a lot of noise.

That didn't stop Nate from taking a turn.

The balloons themselves are very interesting to see.

The morning was spectacular on the ground.

However, the test balloon indicated it was too windy in the higher altitudes, so none of the balloons were able to lift off this morning.

We had a great time anyway.

We aren't the only people who liked the festival this morning.  The walk back to the car was almost a separate event.

After breakfast, some of us went to the pool.  Ben is a brave swimmer.

Julia's swim instructor taught her how to swim underwater, like a mermaid.

After lunch, Julia and I put together a puzzle.

This one happened while I napped, and while others were at a movie.

Ben and I had trouble catching one of the yellow fish until Ben showed me that it didn't have any teeth.  After studying it, Ben told me the mouth was on backwards.  I fixed that and now that fish is easy to catch.

Julia had such a great time at the Pioneer Village on Saturday that she begged us to take Ben today.  Ben had a great time.

Even Corinne got in the spirit of things.

Julia enjoyed doing everything a second time.

The docents helped Ben and Julia with a sewing project.

Ben was distracted by the second docent, who taught him how important wool was to the pioneers.

A family joined us.  I was blown away when Carolyn began speaking Chinese with them.  They had quite the conversation, which Carolyn told me about later.

Julia was very pleased with her little doll.

Ben named his doll after himself:  Ben.

Lots of Star Trek has been happening.  Nate especially enjoys it, but tonight Ben and a few others watched with him.

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