Sunday, July 1, 2018

Special Visitors

I was thrilled to be able to introduce Julia to two of my favorite branch members.  Beth, the woman on the left, turns 100 in 2 months.  Carol, on the right, just turned 95.  The combined ages of these 3 women are 201 years.  For the record, that's a lot of life experience.

My camera went on a late afternoon walk with us, after Ben and Corinne arrived.

Ben loves to play with cousins.

Skipping rocks is a favorite pastime.

It's fun being with these two.

They are happy to provide splashing water for my camera to photograph.

It's almost impossible to resist throwing rocks into the river.

The bigger the rock, the bigger the splash.

Ben was too busy to smile for me this afternoon.

Julia always has time to smile for me.

Last rock.

Last splash.

The adults were interested in a long walk.  The kids were happy to find a bench where they could rest.

Once home, Carolyn roasted the vegetables.  I grilled the protein.

We lost Corinne after dinner when she heard us talking about the stereoscope slides.

The rest of us had dessert.

A special birthday is approaching.  The dessert is already made.  Some of us snitched.

It was worth it.

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